Tips for Moving to Your New Home

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Packing Tips For Home Removals

Hello, my name is Pippa. Welcome to my blog. Earlier this year, we decided to move to a bigger home. Our house was bursting at the seams with three kids and a handful of pets so we decided to move to a bigger property further out of town. To be honest, I didn’t think that the moving process would take much effort on our part, but I forgot just how much stuff we have. I also wanted to make unpacking as smooth as possible so we knew exactly where everything was and weren’t living out of boxes for weeks. While we got some useful packing advice and help from our removalists, my husband and I also put together a packing plan that suited us and the kids. I started this website to jot down some of our ideas and tips — hope it helps you pack effectively for your move!

Tips for Moving to Your New Home

21 February 2023
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When moving, it's better to hire furniture removalists rather than do the entire job yourself. They'll know how to pack a truck with heavy things near the front to keep the load balanced, so there's less chance of an accident. Plus, they'll have the equipment to lift heavy things without getting injured. Once you've booked the moving company well in advance, you can start thinking about other aspects of the relocation. Here are some tips.

Coloured Dot Stickers

To be ready for the moving day, you'll need to label the boxes you've packed (unless the company is doing this for you). Labelling many boxes with the room and contents can get tedious. To streamline the process, use coloured dot stickers instead of the room name. Just create a master list that equates each room with a colour, such as pink for the kitchen and green for the living room (in your new place). The removalists can use this list to help them correctly place the boxes.

A coloured dot sticker (or several) is also easier to see than written words. While you may still need to give a brief description of the contents, you'll be saved from writing "kitchen" and "living room" over and over. Moving is so much work that reducing it in even simple ways can be worthwhile.

A Garage's Convenience

The removalists will spend much of their time hauling boxes to and fro, first onto the truck and then offloading them at your new home. One way to make the process quicker is to move the boxes to your garage (or front hallway, if you don't have one) the day before. If they can park the truck close to the garage opening, the loading process will be speedier, which can save money if you're paying an hourly rate. However, it will create extra work for you. Some boxes that don't hold urgently needed items could be unloaded into the garage at your new place. There, they'll be out of the way until you're more organised.

Packing Hints

You probably already know the rule that you should pack heavy items like books in small boxes and bulky things like cushions and towels in large boxes. Otherwise, if you pack a large box with books, your removalists may need a piece of machinery to simply pick it up. An alternative to small boxes is a suitcase on wheels, which will allow you to pull and roll your books to the truck.

Technology equipment may require specially designed boxes if you don't have the original packaging. To keep the cords organised you can use the cardboard centre of an empty toilet roll. Wind the cord to and fro and push it inside the roll to keep things neat. You'll have to plan ahead and start saving the rolls to make good use of this tip.

For more info about furniture removals, contact a local company.