Helping an Elderly Family Member Move to a New Home: Things to Remember

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Helping an Elderly Family Member Move to a New Home: Things to Remember

22 November 2016
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Helping an elderly family member to move into a new home can be different than helping younger people. This is particularly true if they've opted to downsize from their family home into a flat or unit and so must discard a number of their possessions. So what are some of the ways you can help?

Reduced Space in the New Place

Examine the new home if possible, and then you'll be better equipped to help your elderly family member to choose which furniture to keep if they are in fact downsizing. Keeping all their preferred items might simply not be possible due to the reduced space in their new home. The old furniture can be given away to other family members and it might be a nice thought that these cherished items will be kept in the family (and so will continue to have a use). Donating the old furniture to a preferred charity (with a pickup service) is also a good choice, even though it means saying goodbye to the items in question.

The Packing Process

There are of course many furniture removal companies that can do this for you, but a personal touch might be appropriate. The packing process can be overwhelming, so being able to assist them will no doubt be most appreciated. Remember that the process might need to move at a fairly sedate pace as sentimental items are assessed before being packed or discarded. Keeping a number of sentimental items can be highly beneficial when it comes to feeling comfortable in their new home, but again, be mindful of available space.

The Day of the Move

A moving company can take care of the heavy lifting for your elderly family member, so really all you need to do is make sure that they are safely and comfortably transported to their new home. They might wish to be waiting for the moving company in the new home so that everything can be positioned exactly as they want it, since it can be difficult for a solo elderly person to move heavy items themselves. Ensure that their bedroom has been set up as early in the process as possible, so that your elderly family member can rest if they need to.

Getting to Know Their New Area

It can be helpful if you explore the new neighbourhood on behalf of your family member. Find out the location of anything they will need, such as a doctor, supermarket, library, and even any local community groups. Locating a map and timetable of any local public transport might also be helpful is the person in question is not internet savvy (or not actually online).

Remember that giving up their long-held home can be disorientating and even distressing to some elderly people, so be sure to check in on them to make sure they're OK. They will certainly appreciate that you're there to help.