Tips to Keep in Mind When Labeling Packing Boxes Before Moving

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Tips to Keep in Mind When Labeling Packing Boxes Before Moving

25 May 2016
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Some people who are moving for the first time find it hard to decide what information they should include when they are labeling moving boxes. This may be due to their inexperience in determining what information is important during a move. This article discusses some of useful tips that will help you to label moving boxes conveniently.

Keep Weight in Mind

It is very easy to focus on what is inside each box while paying no attention to the weight of those items. This can be a mistake because you may place a heavy box on top of a light one as you place those boxes in the moving truck. Once you do that, the heavy box may crush the light one onto which it has been placed. It is therefore advisable for you to indicate the relative weight of each box when you label it. For instance, you can label different boxes as heavy or light. Such information will alert the movers to be conscious of that weight when they pick up each box. They will also arrange the boxes appropriately with the heaviest boxes at the bottom of stacks.

Keep Valuables Concealed

Some people try to be very detailed when labeling moving boxes, to the extent that they place lists of the contents of each box on the label. Such an approach may make you uneasy during the move if you cannot keep an eye on your belongings while they are in transit. For instance, you may become jittery if your jewelry box is out of sight if you clearly listed each item inside that box. It is therefore better to leave boxes having very precious items unmarked, or to use a coded way of labeling those boxes so that you are the only one who knows what is inside. For instance, you can label the jewelry box as "grandma's collection".

Find an App

Technology has advanced to such an extent that it is now relatively easy to find an app for many situations, such as an app for organising moving inventory. Such apps can help you to know the contents of each box even if you have not listed each item on the label of the box. All that you may have to do is to list the items in the app before you place a box number on each moving box. This method can help you to unpack quickly because it will be easier for you to locate each item that you packed before the move.

Talk to suppliers of packaging materials so that you can get advice on other ways that you can use to label your moving boxes more effectively.