Keeping Things Ship-Shape: Storage Options For Your Boat

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Keeping Things Ship-Shape: Storage Options For Your Boat

30 March 2016
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When winter arrives, it is time to put your boat into storage until the spring. There are a number of storage options for boat owners, which can be overwhelming for those who are putting a boat into storage for the first time. Below we look at the options available to you.

Outdoor Storage

If you plan to store your boat outdoors, you should consider getting it professionally shrink-wrapped, which will keep water out of your boat while also allowing ventilation. If you cover your boat yourself using tarp, it is likely to rip after the first winter storm, leaving your boat exposed to the elements. 

Indoor Storage

Storing your boat indoors has many benefits. The boat is protected from both the sun and from any winter weather, which can both cause damage and ageing to the hull. Storing your boat indoors also means that it is out of sight and less likely to be attacked by vandals or thieves. However, unless you have a multi-vehicle garage with room for your boat or a pole barn, you may have to consider a commercial boat storage unit.

Commercial Storage Unit

Commercial boat storage units offer both indoor and outdoor storage options. They can be a great choice for those who live in apartments or other places where keeping a boat at home just isn't a realistic option. Many commercial boat storage units offer yearly leases, meaning you have somewhere to keep your boat during both the on- and the off-season. The added advantage is that security is normally very good, providing you with the peace of mind that your boat is in good hands.

Dry-Stack Storage

If you opt for dry-stack storage, your boat will be shelved with other boats in a secure area, which means it will be protected from the weather and water. Dry stack storage generally takes two forms. At marinas, your boat will be raised using a forklift truck and placed on a boat rack within a building, which makes it easy to retrieve when you want to hit the water again. Alternative dry-rack storage option are seasonal, meaning they are a good option if you just want to store your boat over the winter season.

Storing your boat properly over winter will not only help to protect it from damage, it will also ensure that your boat is ready for action when the time to hit the water comes again.