Relocating? Compare Trailer And Container Vehicle Removal Options

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Relocating? Compare Trailer And Container Vehicle Removal Options

7 March 2016
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If you need your cars relocated during a removal process, you will need to seek a vehicle removalist. A vehicle removalist can then have your vehicles transported from your current location to your new home in one of two ways; trailer transportation or container transportation. Here is how the two compare against each other so that you can decide which one is better suited for you.


Needless to say, containerized vehicle removal is much safer than trailer removal. With container removals, your vehicle is safely locked inside a metal or wooden box where it cannot be stolen or tampered with easily. With trailer vehicle removals, your cars are exposed to the public and the environment – dust, wind, moisture, etc. For these reasons, container transport is a much safer bet, especially if yours are high-end luxury vehicles.


Distance also matters a lot when it comes to choosing what mode of transport to use for your vehicle removal. As any removalist will tell you, trailer transport makes sense for short to medium distances, such as intrastate removals or removals that will take less than a day. In such cases, the risks are low and trailer transport is much simpler. However, for longer relocations, such as interstate or international removals, container removals are more ideal for your vehicles. Apart from being safer, container transportation is friendlier for road, rail and sea transportation.


As you'd imagine, containerized vehicle removals cost more compared to trailer removals. There are several reasons for this. For one, with trailer transport one does not need to hire containers. Two, with trailer transport each truck can move about half a dozen cars, unlike container removals where each truck can carry a maximum of two cars only.

Storage & handling

Lastly, consider storage and handling. Container removals are already tailored for storage options, should you ask for it. Your cars will simply be stored inside the containers, anywhere between the pick-up location and the destination point. They can stay inside the containers for as long as needed while remaining safe. However, with trailer transport, the vehicles will have to be offloaded and stored in a temporary facility. They'll then be loaded in to a trailer again when the storage period is over. This level of increased handling promotes mistakes and chances of your vehicles getting damaged, as compared to container transport.

Not sure how to best move your vehicles as you relocate? Talk to a removalist and get some professional advice on the matter.