Moving House: Three Planning Tips for Safe Furniture Removal

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Moving House: Three Planning Tips for Safe Furniture Removal

15 July 2021
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Furniture removal is one of the most challenging tasks during home relocations. The weight and size of most pieces make moving both difficult and dangerous. If you are planning to remove your furniture yourself, use these simple tips to avoid mishaps.

Check the Configuration

The configuration of the furniture is critical for disassembly. Therefore, examine the pieces in your home and determine the right approach to dismantling them. The goal of disassembly should be to have the smallest possible constituents for easy and safe handling. Be cautious during this process to avoid causing irreparable damage to your possessions. Some items like beds are designed for intuitive disassembly. Others might require tools like screwdrivers, pliers and spanners for the process. Choose the right tools to avoid compromising the original items.

Think About Lifting

Furniture removal without expert assistance may reduce relocation expenses. However, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of moving equipment. Manual removal of the bulky pieces is likely to cause significant injuries. Therefore, consult a specialist supplier for appropriate supplies. The most crucial is a furniture dolly. Do not attempt to lift heavy furniture because the risk of injury will be high. Instead, place it on a furniture dolly when moving from the house to the moving truck. If you have lighter pieces, you can use a strap for supporting the furniture. Sliders will also come in handy when moving pieces down the stairs. Additionally, consider getting a helper even when using removal equipment in case of an accident.

Consider the Space

The limited space in your old and new house could make the process of removing furniture more complicated. In simple terms, the lack of room for manoeuvring could lead to sticky situations. You can avoid this problem by measuring the available space before moving your furniture. Check the widths and heights of doors and measure the corridors and staircases. Compare the measurements with the size of your furniture. This consideration will help you create the best route for moving the furniture in and out of your house. Where necessary, think about alternative routes for removing furniture such as using windows or balconies.

Finally, protect the furniture to prevent damage during transit, and keep any connectors or fittings in secure, labelled bags. If you are moving house, it may be best to choose a professional removalist for furniture handling. A specialist will have the right tools, human resources and skills to move the furniture to your new house safely.

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