Two Mistakes People Make When Using Removalists’ Services During Cold Spells

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Two Mistakes People Make When Using Removalists’ Services During Cold Spells

29 April 2021
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Here are the biggest blunders people usually make when using removalists' services during cold spells.

They wait until the removalists have arrived to organise the cold-weather items they'll need in the new property

When people move during cold spells cold, they normally need access to some basic cold-weather items as soon as they get to their new home. For example, they may need their high-tog-count duvets, their hot drink supplies, their kettle as well as perhaps their portable heater, if they don't yet know how to operate the heating system in the new property.

It's not advisable to transport these items into the removalists' van because if the removalists' arrival at the new property is delayed (for example, if the iciness of the roads causes the van to slide into another vehicle), the person who's moving won't have access to these important things and might struggle to stay warm in their new place for the first few hours.

One mistake that lots of people make is waiting until their removalists have already arrived and have started loading the boxes before they gather up these cold-weather items. This may result in them having to remove loaded boxes to search for some goods (which would delay the removalists) or having to do without some cold-weather items because they have no idea which boxes they've packed them in.

By putting together their cold-weather supplies beforehand, people in these circumstances can ensure that they don't disrupt the loading of their items or find themselves without items that will keep them warm after they get to their new home.

They assume the removalists will be able to work at their usual fast pace if it snows or becomes very icy

Clients sometimes make the error of assuming that during a cold spell, their removalist will be able to do their work in the same rapid manner that they do in other weather conditions. Whilst reputable removalists will always do their best to load and move their clients' items quickly, there may be times when, for safety reasons, they need to work at a slightly slower pace.

For instance, if a cold spell brings with it some snow or ice, a removalist may need to walk more slowly than usual so they don't slip whilst holding their client's furniture or appliances. Likewise, they might need to drive their van at a lower speed, to ensure it doesn't slide on the icy road.

It's important for people to be aware of this so that they don't make incorrect assumptions about the time at which their old property will be empty (which might be important if the new occupants need to move into it that same day) or the time at which their things will be delivered to their new home (which could cause issues if, for example, they assume that their work equipment will arrive at the new place in time for their first day at work).

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