Storage in Transit: When Your New Home Isn't Ready for You

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Storage in Transit: When Your New Home Isn't Ready for You

22 February 2021
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The last box is loaded onto the moving truck, and off it goes. Just think how great it will feel to have everything unpacked at your new home… in a few weeks or months. No, your items didn't go missing, nor did your removals company get lost on the way. Sometimes when you move out of your old home, your new home isn't ready for occupancy.

A Delay

There are many reasons why your new home might not be ready for you. You might have sold your existing home much sooner than you thought (and if so, well done), or you might have been given notice to vacate a rental property before you've found somewhere new. In these circumstances, a removals company that also offers storage can be the answer to your prayers.

Storage in Transit

This form of storage is often referred to as storage in transit. Your items are packed and loaded into the moving truck, but they're not yet ready for their new home, because you might not necessarily know where this new home will be just yet. Storage in transit means that your goods remain in transit, but that a part of this transit process requires storage.

While in Storage

Your items remain packed and are offloaded at a secure storage facility. This facility is generally operated by the moving company themselves, but some moving companies who offer storage in transit may outsource the storage component to an appropriate facility. You will be informed of this location so that you'll know where your items are at all times. The moving company's insurance is in effect during the moving process, and this generally extends to the storage in transit period too, as they're technically still in transit.

An Unknown Length of Time

The uncertainty about the precise length of the storage in transit period can throw a spanner in the works, however small that spanner might be. It can make it difficult to know the precise cost of your move, as you might not yet know the exact length of time that the storage component of your moving company's service will be required. 

Ready for Delivery

Any ambiguity about the final cost of storage in transit is a minor complaint, although when it turns out to be longer than expected, you will need to absorb that cost into your monthly expenses. It can be worthwhile though, as once you're ready to move into a new home, all you need to do is let the moving company know the address, and your items will be delivered, ready for unpacking. 

So when there's a delay between moving out of your old home and moving into your new home, you might want to find a removals company that offers storage in transit.