How To Prepare Your Furniture For Your Removalists

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How To Prepare Your Furniture For Your Removalists

19 March 2020
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Moving can be really exciting, whether you've found your dream house or are starting a new life in a different state. However, there is a lot to think about, and moving all your furniture can be one of the most daunting aspects of moving. This short guide offers three simple tips that will help you to prepare your furniture for your movers, saving you time and effort on the day.

Decide What You're Keeping

The first thing you should do is decide which pieces of furniture you actually want to take. Some people will want to take all their furniture when they move, and some will decide that moving is the perfect opportunity to get a new sofa, table or bed. In the weeks before you move, figure out if there's anything that won't be coming with you, and get rid of it – this will save time during your move. Allianz has some suggestions for what you could do with your unwanted stuff, such as donating it to a local charity, swapping or exchanging it, or selling it online. You could also ask the buyers of your home if they want it, as first-time buyers might jump at the opportunity.

Dismantle Furniture As Necessary

Your removalists may be able to help you dismantle furniture, but if it is not included, or if you simply want to save time on the day of your move, you may want to dismantle some pieces yourself. This is because some large pieces of furniture may not fit easily through doorways or may be very heavy and unwieldy to move. You can search online for specific information about how to take apart furniture—for example, SFGate has a good explanation of how to dismantle a sofa effectively. For some pieces, you may just need to remove part of the piece, such as taking the headboard off a bed, the drawers out of your wardrobe, or the legs off a table. If you're not sure, ask your movers for advice.

Label Your Furniture

Accurately labelling your furniture for the move will make things easier for you and your furniture removalists. It will be obvious which room some of your furniture, such as your living room sofa, belongs in, but for other pieces, like a sofa bed, end table, or desk, it is less obvious. Put a sticker on every piece of furniture with the room that it is going into, specifying for bedroom furniture which bedroom it belongs in. When you arrive at your new home, give the movers a tour and ensure that everyone is on the same page about where each piece of furniture is going.

While moving furniture can be difficult, furniture removalists can offer a lot of help and advice, and you can make the process easier by sorting, dismantling and labelling your furniture in advance.