Important Questions to Ask an Interstate Removalist

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Important Questions to Ask an Interstate Removalist

14 February 2017
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When moving between states, you want to consider hiring an interstate removalist rather than trying to handle this move on your own. A removalist will be more skilled at packing a truck securely for such a long move, ensuring that your items arrive safely and without damage. Note a few important question to ask an interstate removalist company you use for any long distance move, so you know you hire the right company and what's involved in their services.

1. Ask about their insurance coverage limits

During an interstate move, there may be more risk of damage to your items even if workers are diligent about packing and securing your things in their truck. The longer that truck is on the road, the more risk of hitting severe bumps that cause damage to your items, of being in an accident, of things being stolen during a restroom break and the like.

While it may not be likely that you would actually lose an entire truckload of items, always think of the worst case scenario and how much it would cost to replace all your furniture, clothing and electronics. Don't hesitate to ask about their policy limits so you know it would be enough if the entire truckload was lost. You can ask them to raise that policy limit for just your move if necessary, or consider shopping around for another company with higher coverage options, if necessary.

2. Ask if you will be charged extra for tolls, fuel and other such costs

Note if your contract with a removalist specifically says that this is your final cost. A company may be leaving room to charge you for tolls they pay on the road, fuel surcharges and other such costs, which can be rather significant for an interstate move. Always ask what other fees you might expect so you know if they will be minimal, such as reimbursement for tolls, or if they might significantly add to your costs for an interstate move, such as for fuel surcharges.

3. Ask their expected arrival time

Don't assume that an interstate removalist will be able to make the same route in the same time as you would in your car; a company may legally obligate a driver to stop and rest every few hours, they may have a lunch break for a certain time and the truck may need to drive the minimum speed limit to protect your items. Since you typically need someone to be at your new residence to receive your goods, always ask about this rather than assuming what time they would arrive with your items.