Phone Apps That Can Help Make Self-Storage Less Stressful

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Phone Apps That Can Help Make Self-Storage Less Stressful

18 May 2016
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Whether you're in need of a self-storage facility before a move or simply to free up some space in your current home, itemising and organising your personal things can get stressful - but it doesn't have to be. There are mobile phone apps for pretty much everything these days, and fortunately, there are plenty that can help self-storage prove a little less nightmarish. Here's a rundown of the kind of phone apps you can't afford to be without when using self-storage services.

List-making apps

The last thing you need when moving your stuff into storage is to add to your baggage with paper lists and notebooks. Traditional hand-written lists are great but far from convenient when you're planning a move or decluttering your home. Physical lists can get lost, binned or mistakenly packed in the process - which is why a list-creating app is a godsend.

You can make an inventory and subheadings on your smartphone or tablet to let you categorise what you're storing and where it's stored once you need it again. Certain list-making apps will also let you attach photos beside each item on your list, so take plenty of snaps to put a face to the item name (as it were).

Inventory trackers

You know that sinking feeling when you've forgotten something for a trip? This can be ten times worse when you're moving house and can't remember what's in storage and what's missing. Mercifully, an inventory tracker app lets you know in plain English and allows you - via your smartphone or tablet device - to view each of your items, add an item or remove one at the tap of a button.

Some inventory trackers also allow you to tag and track your valuables with a QR or 'Quick Response' code by attaching the code sticker to a specific storage box. This code can then be scanned using a QR code scanner app on your smartphone to provide you with a location and description of your item. This can be your peace of mind, particularly when it comes to the whereabouts of a precious family heirloom. These apps are especially handy if you're using more than one storage facility - ensuring that you stay super organised as well as sparing your chosen removalists a wasted trip to the wrong unit.

Storage unit calculators

Storage calculator apps do all the boring hard work of getting organised so you don't have to. During a move or spring clean, no one has the time to tediously sit and down and work out how many boxes you'll need or how much space you'll require - thankfully, a storage unit calculator has it all under control.

These apps can estimate your space needs based on your items as well as tell you the most efficient way of packing it all up. Some apps will even give you the option to print out labels to attach to your boxes and even quote you on the estimated fee of storing your stuff, because they're nice like that.

Top Tip!

Some self-storage facilities have their own company app with built-in features such as GPS directions, the function to request a storage unit on the go or a feature that allows you to get a free quote. Even if this isn't the case, keep as much company info in your phone as possible. The Yellow Pages mobile app is also great if you need contact details for local storage units in a pinch.