4 Step-By-Step Guidelines To Pack Your Expensive Tea Set For Storage

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4 Step-By-Step Guidelines To Pack Your Expensive Tea Set For Storage

29 March 2016
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You've probably spent a fortune on your expensive tea set, so you will naturally want to keep it as safe as possible for a longer time. If you're moving from one home to another or if you're refurbishing your existing one, then you may need the services of a self-storage unit for a temporary period. This guide is designed to help you pack your expensive tea set for storage to prevent it from unprecedented damage.

Place Packing Paper Inside Hollow Spaces And Wrap All Tea Set Items

Place packing paper inside hollow spaces in your teacups and teapots to ensure there is minimal room for breakage. Once you finish, wrap the teacups, teapots, teapot cover and saucers individually in packing paper. Packing them individually will ensure that each item doesn't bang against another, which will cause them to break. To fortify them further, place them in bubble wrap for optimal safety. Be extra careful with the teapot because its spout is most vulnerable, so make sure that it is packed as robustly as possible for maximum safety before transporting to the self-storage unit.

Choose A Compact Box To Prevent Too Much Movement Inside

Choose a cardboard box that will accommodate all your tea set items, but make sure it is compact to prevent excessive movement inside while in transit. A compact box will also ensure that the movers don't place it at the bottom of the truck because this could mean that something heavier is placed above and may cause your tea set to break under the pressure.

Prepare The Box And Place Tea Set Items Inside

Start by placing crushed packing paper at the bottom of the box to cushion the base. This will prevent the tea set items from coming into contact with the ground and breaking. After softening the base, place each tea set item inside as gently as possible to avoid any damage. Place crushed packing paper in all hollow spaces to ensure a snug fit and to prevent the items from banging into each other.

Seal The Box And Mark Fragile

Seal the box using packing tape and mark it as fragile. You'll also want to list down the items inside, so that you know what is inside when you need to unpack. Be sure to let the movers know that the box is fragile, so that they take extra care while transporting it to the self-storage unit.

Be sure to follow these steps when preparing your expensive tea set for the self-storage unit. For more information, contact companies like Dawson Moving.