Tips for Storing Furniture With No Climate Control

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Tips for Storing Furniture With No Climate Control

16 October 2015
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There are many different reasons why you may need to store furniture. In most cases, you will want to unpack and use this furniture at a later time. This means that you need to make sure that it is protected from damage during storing. In most cases, you will be storing items without climate control. This means that you need to take preventative measures when preparing your furniture items for storage in a space that does not allow for climate control.

Disassemble When Possible

One of the biggest tips for storing furniture in a space that does not offer climate control is to disassemble when possible. This relates mostly to any wooden furniture that you may own. Wood furniture is prone to drying out when placed in storage, but it is possible to prevent against this by disassembling the furniture. This means that you should removal all table legs or headboards and pack screws in a separate container for easy access. It is also suggested that you wax wood furniture before you place it in storage to allow for a protective coating. Be sure to place wood furniture items away from eth opening in case water does seep into the storage unit.

Clean Fabrics

In order to prepare fabric sofas and mattresses, it is recommended that you give them a thorough cleaning. This means that you can prevent against the fading and molding of fabric furniture if you use an antibacterial cleaner before your store items. Be sure to wipe all fabric furniture items down with an antibacterial cleaner, but allow for sufficient time to pass for the entire item to dry. It is essential that the furniture is completely dry before placed in a storage unit without climate control.

Shrink Wrap

In order to allow for an extra layer of protection, it is also suggested that you wrap furniture in shrink wrap. You can even use packing tape to secure the shrink wrap into place. Applying two layers of the shrink wrap will ensure that animals can't burrow into the fabric or that insects can't cause damage.

Moisture Proof

It is also a good idea to take the precautionary step of moisture proofing your storage unit for furniture storage. This will create a barrier where moisture can't easily seep through. This can be especially helpful if you will be storing your furniture in a storage unit in a region that is prone to fogging. Make sure that every item in the unit is covered by some type of blanket or tarp.